Founded in 1977, Engineered Process Equipment, Inc. has been a leader in serving the process community with products successfully operating in refineries, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, power plants, OEM's, and a host of other industries. Our success is based on designing and assembling high quality automated valve packages and heating systems, retrofitting superior products to existing equipment, and providing efficient post-installation support. This firm foundation of established product lines and seasoned experience provides an excellent platform for developing emerging technologies such as filtration and valve communications. Carrying a complete line of products essential to the process industry, continuing our excellent service record with established customers, and earning the confidence of new customers will ensure our future success.

In addition to superior automated packages, we also offer several other products essential to the process industry. We carry many different types of manual valves in order to supply the best valve for the particular application, as well as pneumatic and spring return actuators that we can retrofit to existing valves. Also offered are positioners, position indicators, and controllers. Whether it be dry powders, chemicals, or steam, brand new lines or upgrades to existing equipment, we can deliver the products needed to keep your process running smooth.


Utilizing over thirty years experience and a superb product line to provide solutions for our clients.

Our experience and wide variety of products enable us to design automated packages to meet even the most stringent applications, affording our clients great flexibility and efficiency. From design and assembly to post-installation support, our automated valve packages are guaranteed to satisfy your requirements.